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About the 10-Day Tour in Rwanda & Uganda

Experience the beauty and culture of Rwanda and Uganda with our captivating safari.

Your journey starts in Kigali, where we’ll take you to The Nest Kigali for a relaxing night. As you venture into Volcanoes National Park, home to the endangered mountain gorillas, you’ll be enchanted by the stunning Rwandan landscape. Enjoy a cultural experience with the Ebyowacu community, hike to the tomb of primatologist Dian Fossey, and if permits allow, track gorillas again.

The adventure continues as you cross into Uganda and trek through the mountains to witness gorillas in their natural habitat. Immerse yourself in Bakiga culture, explore Queen Elizabeth National Park, and embark on a thrilling chimpanzee trek before returning to Entebbe.

This unforgettable journey concludes with a visit to Mabamba Swamp to search for the elusive shoebill bird.


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1 $7,347 Single
2 $4,630 Double
3 $3,943 Double/Single

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To help you plan your trip, we have put together a list of what’s included and what’s not included in your tour package. This will give you a clear understanding of what to expect and help you make any necessary arrangements before your journey begins.

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Day By Day Itinerary

Arrival in Kigali and transfer to your accommodation.

Stay: The Nest Kigali BB

Today you can begin to appreciate the beauty of the Rwandan landscape as we drive to the home of the critically endangered mountain gorillas, Volcanoes National Park.

Stay: Amahoro Guest House BB

Today we enjoy the cultural experience with ebyowacu community and you can choose to have other activities like
• Nature walk – the best way to discover the variety of plant and animal species
• Track the endangered Golden Monkeys – this is a rare and enjoyable experience
• Climb the volcanoes to experience some of the most breath-taking views within Rwanda
• Hike to the tomb of the renowned primatologist Dian Fossey
It may be possible to track gorillas again today, subject to the availability of permits. (+USD 1,500) and after we we cross the border into Uganda.

Stay: Travellers Rest Camp BB

Put your boots on and grab a sturdy walking stick, today is a once in a lifetime experience: Gorilla tracking! It is one of the best Ugandan travel experiences you can have. You will be hiking up in the mountains which can take between 2 to 6 hours depending on how far the gorillas are. 

Stay: Travellers Rest camp BB

The Bakiga people are an ethnic group inhabiting the southwestern region of Uganda, primarily in the districts of Kabale, Rukungiri, and Kisoro. They have a rich cultural heritage that is worth exploring, making a visit to their home stays a truly remarkable experience.

The Bakiga people have a distinct set of cultural practices, beliefs, and traditions that have been passed down through generations. Their traditional music, dance, and storytelling are vibrant expressions of their culture. With their unique drumbeats, energetic dances, and melodious songs,the Bakiga people showcase their rich folklore and history. Visiting the Bakiga people through their home stays provides a unique opportunity to witness their way of life firsthand. Staying with a Bakiga family allows visitors to engage in daily activities, learn traditional skills, and participate in cultural ceremonies. From helping with farming activities to learning traditional crafts such as basket weaving or pottery, guests gain a deeper understanding of the Bakiga people and connection to the land and their ancestral traditions.

Moreover, the warm and welcoming nature of the Bakiga people ensures that visitors feel like part of the family. Sharing meals, stories, and laughter with the locals fosters a genuine cultural exchange that goes beyond mere sightseeing. The Bakiga people are known for their hospitality, and their home stays offer a unique opportunity to forge lasting friendships and create unforgettable memories.

In conclusion, a visit to the Bakiga people and their home stays is an enriching and unforgettable experience. Immerse yourself in their vibrant culture, witness their traditions, and form meaningful connections with the locals. By embracing their warm hospitality and exploring the stunning surroundings, you will gain a deeper appreciation for the Bakiga people and their way of life.

Stay: The home of Bakiga FB

We drive through the forest and proceed through Ishasha, to the southern part of Queen Elizabeth National Park, one of the few regions in Africa where lions are spotted climbing trees and lounging on branches. Therefore, make sure that during the game drive you are not only looking out over the savannah, but also have your eyes focused up in the trees!

Stay: Enjojo African Camp BB

The search for the tree-climbing lions continues in the morning while we drive through Queen Elizabeth National Park. In the afternoon, you will have a game drive during which you will have the chance to see lions, elephants, a variety of antelopes, birds and much more. Afternoon boat along the kazinga channel is on plan today.

Stay: Kazinga Wilderness Camp BB

In the morning you will be hiking off the beaten track, through the jungle in search of chimpanzees. Once you find them, it will be a fascinating experience as you watch them play, feed and swing through the trees, which is highly entertaining. And later evening drive is on plan. 

Stay: Kazinga Wilderness Camp BB

We will start the day with an early morning game drive while many animals are still on the move during the cool part of the day. On a good day you could see lions, buffalo, elephants, antelopes, the elusive bush pig and you might even be lucky enough to spot a leopard! Hippos, buffalo, crocodiles and later drive to Entebbe.

Stay: Kazinga Wilderness Camp BB

After breakfast, we will drive to Mabamba swamp to search for the shy, prehistoric-looking shoebill. After a farewell dinner (maybe some famous Lake Victoria grilled fish) and drinks, we will drop you at the airport for your flight home. As your plane takes off, we hope you are already starting to plan your next African safari adventure!

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FAQs About Budget Uganda Safaris

The best time for gorilla tracking in Volcanoes National Park is during the dry seasons, which are typically from December to February and June to September. These periods offer favorable weather conditions and enhance your chances of a successful trek.

Gorilla tracking in Bwindi can be physically demanding, involving hiking in steep terrain for 2 to 6 hours, depending on the gorilla group’s location. It’s essential to be reasonably fit and prepared for a challenging trek.

The cultural experience with the Ebyowacu community offers various activities, including nature walks, tracking golden monkeys, climbing volcanoes for breathtaking views, and hiking to Dian Fossey’s tomb. You can immerse yourself in Rwandan culture and choose activities that interest you the most.

Yes, Queen Elizabeth National Park offers excellent wildlife viewing opportunities. You may spot lions, elephants, antelopes, buffalo, and a variety of bird species during game drives and boat cruises along the Kazinga Channel.

Mabamba Swamp is a renowned location for spotting the elusive shoebill bird, a prehistoric-looking species. It provides a unique birdwatching experience, and visiting this swamp is a great way to end your safari adventure before departing from Entebbe.

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